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quill-pen-diary-writing-ink-well-womans-handIn an industry crowded with people who say they can help make your manuscript better, Lisa has experience as a writer and teacher that shows she can. She has published a well-received literary memoir and a popular memoir handbook with a major New York publishing house.

Hawk Flies Above: Journey to the Heart of the Sandhills, and Shimmering Images: A Handy Little Guide to Writing Memoir are both published by St. Martin’s Press.

Working with Lisa puts you in the center of the circle. As a client you get her full attention on all aspects of editing from Developmental, Substantive, and Copyediting to Proofreading. It’s all rolled into one package. No breaking out tasks and assigning them to individual packages or people. Lisa has the skill to do it all and the dedication to get inside your project—to take it on as a second skin—and help make it work in the way you envision.

Lisa credentials run deep in the study and teaching of story and narrative nonfiction. She earned her undergraduate degree at Reed College, her graduate degree from the University of Iowa, taught for years in the UCLA Writers’ Program, and has worked with hundreds of clients editing their writing and teaching them how to shape life experience into a dramatic and moving story on the page.

Lisa helps you develop your:
• memoir
• autobiography
• travel writing
• essay
• or blended genre narrative-driven nonfiction

What these forms share is a storyline created from life material.

Lisa is gifted at teaching you how to do what you do not yet understand. That’s what distinguishes her as not just an Editor, but a Developmental Writing Consultant.

She helps you:
• clarify writing goals
• develop and shape new story material
• fix writing that isn’t working
• structure your manuscript for dramatic effect
• complete your manuscript for publication

Lisa has worked with writers since 1985 building and honing manuscripts for publication.

Lisa works with clients globally. She uses e-mail, standard mail, phone, and Skype to fulfill her services. References are available.


Phone Consultation:

  • If you are stuck with your story, need help organizing ideas, seek guidance with voice or narrative arc, or just want to talk with an editor, I offer a one-hour phone consultation for $120/hour.


Substantive & Line Edit:

  • If you need your manuscript edited, the fee is $12/page, returning clients $10/page. (A page is measured by the industry standard of 250 words/page.) If you know your manuscript word count, you can estimate the fee. This is unlike editing services that charge by the hour; you can not know how many hours it will take an editor to evaluate your material.
  • Lisa’s service is comprehensive. Currently editors and self-publishing firms break out editing skills into a menu of options from which you must choose and pay for individually. With Lisa, you get it all.
  • A Substantive Edit identifies story and writing flaws that are compromising the success of your manuscript. Examples include: point of view, structure, transitions, pacing and plot flow, dialogue and scene development, character development, narrative arc issues. If Lisa identifies problems, she can help you develop solutions.
  • A Line Edit focuses on grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, language repetitions, adherence to The Chicago Manual of Style, and formatting errors and inconsistencies.
  • To contact Lisa about her Substantive & Line Edit package, click here.

How to begin the editing process:
Send an e-mail attachment (DOCX) of your manuscript to Lisa puts together an invoice so you can see what your fees would be. Together you decide how to move forward to complete your manuscript for publication.

How the editing process works:
Lisa formats, prints, and edits your manuscript writing comments on your pages so you will have a guide for revision and growth as a writer. Your manuscript is returned via the post office with an analysis document that identifies what works and what doesn’t work in the manuscript. Lisa explains why problems exist and teaches you how to fix them. (Short manuscripts are edited and returned digitally.) Once you’ve received your manuscript and studied Lisa’s comments you arrange a consultation time and connect by phone, or Skype, to discuss the material and plan strategies for project completion. A one-hour consultation is built into the Substantive & Line Edit package.

Office expenses:
All manuscripts incur office expenses: printing and copying of manuscripts at $.17/page, and return mailing. The standard Priority return mailing fee is $8.50, except if the size of the manuscript exceeds the smallest flat rate Priority envelope. Then the fee is the exact mailing cost, plus $2.50.

If your manuscript is 6,250 words or less (industry standard 25 pages), the option exists to receive your edited manuscript digitally. Choosing this option eliminates copying and mailing expenses. Let Lisa know, if you prefer this option for a shorter manuscript.

New clients pay one-half of the total fee at the beginning of the editorial process. The remainder is due upon delivery of the completed manuscript. Payment is via PayPal where you have the option to use credit and debit cards. On-going clients may pay with check or PayPal. Clients are billed on the 15th of every month. Payment is due by the 10th of the following month.

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The lighter side of editing:

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