A Marketer’s Response to Space and Time in Memoir

Marketing Expert Carol White

I got a great response from marketing expert Carol White after I sent my last newsletter. Here’s whatshe had to say:

There is another reason to ground your book in time and space: it gives you good marketing angles when you begin to market your book. Providing some “anchors” in your writings will give you the materials you need to begin your marketing and to maximize your sales and readership. Talking about specific cities, specific hobbies, or occupations, or specific places of interest (a national park, The Alamo, the Empire State Building, Highway One, a lighthouse, etc.) all give you “hooks” to use in your marketing efforts.

An example would be if your memoir revolves around your grandmother who was an avid quilter and lived in Manzanita, Oregon, and you got swept up in searching for a shipwreck off the coast while visiting her, you would have three groups who might be interested in your book–people who live along the Oregon coast, quilters, and people interested in shipwrecks. If you’ve done a good job of developing the story with these specifics of time and place, you’ll have a good start on likely places to market your book, along with a regular fan base.

Carol White is a now-retired writer and book marketing expert. Her book, “Live Your Road Trip Dream” won a number of awards and was a highly successful, independently published book. www.carolwhitemarketing.com/blog